Granular Ferric Hydroxide Filter Media

Granular Ferric Hydroxide Filter Media
Product Description
Granular Ferric Hydroxide Filter Media is a proven, secured and straightforward answer for arsenic expulsion challenges. It is an extraordinarily composed adsorbent media in light of granular ferric hydroxide. It is particularly intended for the evacuation of arsenic (arsenate (As+5) and arsenite (As+3) from water and can expel other overwhelming metals also. The arsenic expulsion requires no preconditioning or pre-oxidation. Connected in a down-stream stuffed bed arrangement, it is effortlessly connected to city wellhead applications. GFH media is accessible in parallel or arrangement weight vessel framework designs, contingent upon the evacuation prerequisite. Granular Ferric Hydroxide Filter Media can be made accessible in simplex, duplex, or triplex standard designs. These frameworks are pre-built, pre-gathered, and manufacturing plant tried to limit establishment and startup time.

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